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Who is Saintjohnny?

Hello, I live in New Hampshire, and work in the RF (radio frequency) industry, more specifically the DAS industry which is about making radio frequencies work inside buildings whether it be your cellphone or Wi-Fi device, but one of my hobbies is writing software which this site will be dedicated to. It’s hard to think of programs that are within the reach of my still developing coding skills, but will also be useful to others and most importantly save them time. Occasionally a problem will come up whether it be at home or at work and I’ll think of a solution to save myself from a lot of manual work, and if that is a solution that I think others will benefit from, then I’ll upload the software here to share for free, but the majority of the programs I make are too specific for general use, so those won’t be found here. I enjoy the learning process that comes with solving problems and it's the approach I'm taking to developing my coding skills. Questions and feedback are welcome, and thanks for your interest in my software! :)

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at .

Time Management: Ever want to track your time performing tasks for billing clients, for self improvement, or just plain curiosity?


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Time tracker Automation

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This simple timer application tracks your activities on the computer by automatically timing how long you are working on any given window or program and tracks the title of the form so it can be logged without manually inputting tasks. The timers stop when you are idle after a few minutes to keep all times accurate. It also times how long you are idle for so when you return you are prompted with the option (if wanted) to enter what the task you were doing away from the computer was so you can track work related tasks easily whether they are on your computer or away from the computer. No other information is tracked other than window titles and durations.

Some trackers have you assign tags to tasks and while I understand some people like that, I found it overly complicated and time consuming to do anything other than track how long I spend working on anything, and then just bill that time at the end of the day/week. I just make sure any project I'm working on has the name of the project in the title of the form which is always dictated by the filename of the document such as "xyz job name.doc" is a word document you could search for later, or "xyz job name company logo rev 3.psd" is an adobe photoshop document. That way at any point and time I can simply filter by "xyz job name" and only the instances of work related to those projects show up. It's very simple and you know exactly what the software is doing, and you don't have to wonder if you are remembering to tag things correctly.

There is a manual time entry option although it should rarely be needed. There is a stopwatch to assist with tasks away from the computer as well as a Pomodoro timer for keeping yourself fresh all day. The log files are saved on local .csv files at intervals so you're data is always there when you need it, no need to remember to save your progress, and a new file is created a midnight if the computer is left on overnight. Instead of setting up an install file I figured this program was best served as a portable executable so it can be placed in a dropbox folder, or ran from a thumbdrive while working on a clients computer so your time is tracked on the thumbdrive for review later. I recommend placing it in a dropbox folder so the data is backed up automatically in the log folder local to the executable. All files are saved locally, no data - personal or any kind is transmitted over the web, therefore no data can be seen or sold by anyone unlike some other questionable software, and all these features are included forever free unlike the other software that turns into trial versions with limited options unless you pay lots of money for essentially a fancy stopwatch because let's be honest, that is is all this is!

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